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TikTok already allows Live Broadcasts shared with another user

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TikTok already allows Live Broadcasts shared with another user

One of the options that TikTok users most expected was the possibility of making LIVE (live broadcasts) sharing a screen with other people.

We are all very used to Instagram Live, where two users agree to share a live sharing screen. A very interesting feature for conducting interviews and getting in touch with the community, since you can ask both people live questions.Egypt Mobile Database

Now comes the LIVE DUO functionality of TikTok , which allows you to perform this activity.

To be able to perform live on TikTok it is necessary to have more than 1,000 followers, but only users who have more than 5,000 followers can do Live Duo.


Enter your account and at the bottom click Live
Once you are live, two interlocking rings of blue and red appear at the bottom left of the screen, press it.
Once pressed, a screen opens that shows you the friends that are active and you can invite. Logically, to be able to invite any user, they must be connected to Live in their account.
Press invite and in a few seconds your guest will Egypt Mobile Database enter the screen.
If your guest goes offline and “falls” there is no problem since he can request to enter Live or you can invite him again by pressing the two interlocking rings at the bottom left of the screen again.
When you want to end the Live, press the rings again and select to end the duo, so you can continue broadcasting alone or end the broadcast as usual.
A very simple process that will allow you to reach thousands of users, since TikTok shows your live on your profile, also in the recommended Live of the moment and most importantly it also shows it in For You, so not only your followers can access al Live, but also all users who are shown Live in Para Ti.

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The best of all is that once the Live is over, TikTok shows  Brother Cell Phone List  you on a screen the statistics of your live broadcast:

Total audience connected throughout the Live
Gifts that users have given you
Users who have given you gifts
New followers
New functionalities that add to the long list of possibilities that TikTok offers us to connect with our communities and also to continue growing.

If you are thinking of getting started in the world of TikTok, you don’t know very well how to start and you want to save time learning on your own how to use this social network, I leave you the link to the TikTok Online Course for Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Professionals . In this Course I share with you everything I have learned in these months, how to use it, where to find the content and your target of interest and how I have managed to exceed 193,200 followers , millions of reproductions in some videos, thousands of shares and more of 2.2 million likes in just a few months.

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