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TikTok bets on Educational Videos

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TikTok bets on Educational Videos

TikTok was born as a social network for teenagers to sing, dance and perform challenges, but like all social networks this platform is gradually evolving over time and at this moment TikTok is betting on educational videos.Cyprus Mobile Database

In recent months I have been telling you in this same blog how every day I verified that more and more professionals were joining TikTok, from all sectors, providing a lot of valuable content, in pills of up to 60 seconds: doctors, lawyers, engineers , marketers, physicists, public speaking professionals, psychologists, coaches, entrepreneurs, influencers from other networks, … and TikTok has not missed a golden opportunity for the platform.

As reported by Techcrunch TikTok is testing a new tab to display educational content and tutorials. Also yesterday Rafa Perez @melo saidperez informed us in his account

For this, TikTok launched several hashtags months ago #LearOnTikTok #AprendeEnTikTok #AprendeConTikTok.

When we enter TikTok at the top of the screen at this time we find two ways to navigate the videos: For You and Following but it seems that a new “Learn” tab is being tested so that users can find educational videos from different sectors and themes.

Image from Techcrunch

Also from TikTok they are worrying about exploring all the educational content that is on the platform to promote it. This platform not only cares that users learn to dance or sing and do challenges, but also that users learn about more serious topics.

At this moment there are already many professionals who Cyprus Mobile Database are also dedicated to training in different fields who share educational videos, we find math teachers, university teachers and elementary school teachers striving every day to make a part of TikTok much more productive for users.

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Until now we had a great example with YouTube, where we can find thousands of educational videos that have taught us all, from changing the wheel of a car, to creating your first blog, or how advertising works on Facebook.

Now it is TikTok who, with small videos from great professionals, is making this platform take a second path and thus find the content that may interest us the most.

Through AI users will see what they want, if you want to see dances, challenges or puppies you will see them, if instead what you want is to learn about cooking, medicine, marketing, law … you will also find it.

If you are not on TikTok yet but you are wondering how you can start Brother Cell Phone List and save time in learning on your own to use this social network, I leave you the link to the TikTok Online Course for Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Professionals where I share with you everything I have learned in these months, how to use it, where to find the content and your target of interest and how I have reached over 201,000 followers , millions of views in some videos, thousands of shares and more than 2.3 million likes in just a few months

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