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TikTok Duos Hit Instagram Reels: How To Make Them

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TikTok Duos Hit Instagram Reels: How To Make Them

One more copy that no longer surprises us: the TikTok duos arrive on Instagram Reels.

For months, it seems that the exponential growth of TikTok has taken the sleep of Facebook executives and that is why they were forced to advance the launch of Reels within Instagram, but with a problem and that is that they did not arrive in time to implement all the functionalities that TikTok offers to users.Cayman-Islands Mobile Database

Little by little from Instagram they have been adding new functions that they have been copying from their rivals. Although at the beginning the reels were of a maximum of 15 seconds, a few weeks later they increased the time up to 30 seconds. Later they included new effects, not only similar to those of TikTok but also the 3D effects that triumph in Snapchat.

Ephemeral Instagram messages

But if something hooks TikTok users it is the virality that their videos can reach, regardless of the number of followers of their account, so Instagram could not be less and began to show the Reels to many more users to increase the visibility of the content, to finally offer the creators of Reels the possibility of showing their videos on the timeline and in their personal profiles (visibility that does not occur with the publications of the profiles, which continue to be at the mercy of the advertising that users make , because otherwise it is quite difficult to grow in followers and that the publications have a large audience).

Well, today the duos have arrived at Reels, a functionality that triumphs in TikTok and that allows users to share a video of another creator by splitting the screen to record their reaction to it, make creations together …

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This functionality is currently only available for IOS, but surely in the next few hours or days it will also be available on Android.

Steps to follow to make a duo in Reels

Enter the user’s profile (for now at least it only allows duos with people with whom you are connected)
Click on the icon of your Reels
Select the video you want to share
Click on the three dots that appear at the bottom of the video
Select Remix This Reel
Start recording
Of course, at the moment you cannot choose Cayman-Islands Mobile Database the format of the duo as in TikTok that allows up to four different formats, but everything will arrive safely.

Once again from Facebook they show us how it is easier to copy for Instagram the Brother Cell Phone List functionalities of other social networks as they did with Snapchat and now with TikTok than to innovate with their own product, but hey that can only be allowed by a platform that has millions of users and that it is deeply rooted among influencers who draw thousands and even millions of followers.

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