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TikTok exceeds 100 million users in Europe and Oracle will be the “trusted partner” in the US

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TikTok exceeds 100 million users in Europe and Oracle will be the “trusted partner” in the US

TikTok continues unstoppable and already exceeds 100 million users in Europe and it continues to be the most downloaded app for both IOS and Android for another month.Ghana Mobile Database

But what finally happens in the US?

Time was playing against TikTok after Donald Trump’s threat to ban the application as India did a few months ago. The deadline for them to “sell” to an American company was nearing its end and finally Byte Dance (the company to which TikTok belongs), has had to carry out negotiations in recent months with American companies interested in the acquisition.

TikTok Users 2020

First it was Microsoft who made an approach and an offer to Bytedance, then conversations with Oracle began , also with Twitter and finally the rumor was that Microsoft would keep it with Walmart , which was also interested in the application for its business strategy. but finally it seems (according to the news published by some newspapers, although others deny it) that the winner may be Oracle, one of the largest companies in the world that is dedicated to managing databases.

Curiously, a few days ago it was published that the President Ghana Mobile Database of Oracle was a close friend of Donald Trump, a curious coincidence.

But while they confirm or not the news officially let’s see

What does TikTok have to make it a mass phenomenon?

Well simply because TikTok is a tremendously addictive application, Brother Cell Phone List where you can find content for all ages and all tastes. The videos on the platform hook not only the creators, but also millions of people who use this social network every day to have fun, but also to learn a lot of things.

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The artificial intelligence (AI) that TikTok uses makes you see the content that really interests you and you like every day.

TikTok how it works

Something magical happens in this network that does not happen in others and that is that it divides your time line into two parts:

Followed and For You.

In followed
You can see all the videos of the people you follow, so that you will always be up to date with the contents of your friends or the people who really interest you.

In For You
You will see content that the application understands and may interest you on the subject.

Remember that the platform learns from you, that is to say that if you stop to see puppies and kittens, it will understand that you like this content and therefore it will teach you many pets, on the other hand if you like traveling and you have clicked I like it, you have commented or you have shared what you see in Para Ti will be trips.

In this way, little by little, TikTok is building a specific time line and only for your tastes. It is true that from time to time you are including new videos on other topics or other users that are unknown to you and in this way you have the possibility of expanding your circle and your content. If you like something, it will continue to show you similar content, if you don’t like it, it will stop teaching you that type of content. Pure magic.

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Have you ever entered TikTok and found it a horror?

Normal. When you start the application, the only data that TikTok has about you is the description you have put in your biography and the topics you have chosen. Then it will show you the most popular videos and let’s understand that this platform was born for teenagers, therefore the content with the most views usually corresponds to their tastes.

But if you close the application and dismiss it, you will be missing the really interesting content on this platform. When you see dances, challenges or thousands of teenagers talking about school or their things, you think that this is not interesting for your interests and you close your account, you dedicate yourself to telling everyone that the app is disgusting, or at most you you start making dance videos with your children.

Well my advice is GO ON, don’t close it! Do not stop at dances, in children’s conversations, in pets or on trips (if it is not the content you want to see). S igue sliding and you’ll find content for youth and adults of much value, users who talk about economics, finance, medicine, artists, painters, entrepreneurs, nutritionists, marketing, public speaking, personal brand, tools, technology, sports … all an exciting world of knowledge condensed into little pills of between 15 and 60 seconds . And I assure you, you learn! I attest to this.

Since I started using this tool I assure you that I have learned lots of tricks and tools for my daily work, I have had information about the reality of Covid told by doctors and researchers and in addition to different countries (long live the globalization of the content), how it was really affecting people from other countries told by the same protagonists. I have met top professionals in their respective specialties and have connected with a lot of users who are already clients today.

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It is also one of the few large social networks that pay you to share content (at the moment in the US and Europe), logically depen

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