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TikTok strikes back and allocates 60 million euros to pay European tiktokers

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TikTok strikes back and allocates 60 million euros to pay European tiktokers

If last week the news broke that Instagram will pay TikTok influencers to switch to Reals , now it is TikTok who puts more than 60 million euros on the table so that the platform’s influencers create content and do not leave.Indonesia Mobile Database

The soap opera that has been organized against TikTok continues: while Donal Trump informs a group of journalists that they will finally ban the application in the US, the New York Times reported yesterday that Microsoft is in negotiations to buy the Chinese platform.

There have been many months of persecution of TikTok by different countries that in theory question the reliability of this network, maintaining that it spies on users, but without any evidence to prove it so far.
On the one hand, the Indian government, which, as I already Indonesia Mobile Database commented in a previous post, definitively prohibited the use of TikTok throughout the country, in turn closing an agreement with Facebook so that the Indian tiktokers would switch to Reels and “not notice the change.”

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has made social media users discover an excellent platform that, at least from my point of view, is the most creative, has the best integrated video editing tools and engages users through videos short, a lot of engagement and an exponential growth that manages to retain them for more than 58 minutes per day glued to the application.

According to the opinions of tiktokers, Facebook bores them, Instagram has too much posture and little interaction and growth in these two networks is very difficult if advertising campaigns are not carried out to gain visibility. On the other hand, TikTok offers a showcase that allows you to go viral if you have 1000 followers or more than 2 million followers. The moment of glory is not only reserved for a few privileged as it happens in other networks, but anyone can succeed in this social network.

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This change in the trend in the use of networks is doing a lot of damage to Facebook, which sees its empire endangered by a simple Chinese application that when it wanted to take into account and worry about its growth, it was too late. It seems that Facebook has not yet understood that there is no small enemy and that a platform that only had videos of children and adolescents could become a great social phenomenon.

This time Facebook has arrived late and the only solution is to offer income to tiktokers with millions of followers to change platforms, but with an alternative “Reels”, which does not have even half the functionalities of TikTok.

If you offer money, so do I, so TikTok has started to work to convince creators that their network is safe and that they will be able to earn money if they stay on the platform creating content (more than 60 million euros are on top from the table to cast)

In short, that between politics and business, the one who will win in all this will be the influencers, who will be able to choose where to stay and how much to earn. In my opinion “a powerful gentleman is a gift of money”, therefore influencers will take into account “how much” to make their change decisions. Many influencers and celebrities have already received money from TikTok in their day to create their accounts and thus attract new users and start growing. Now it will also do it with European influencers, perhaps thinking that finally Trump can get away with it and close down in the US (if before some important American tycoon or group does not buy part of the company).

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The support of Emmanuel Macron by creating his personal account in the middle of the US / India / China battle, opens a great door to the European market, which on the other hand is where the platform can grow the most since there is potentially a long way to go on this continent. If you open TikTok you will see many Americans and many Latin Americans, but there is still a long way to go in countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom … Anyway, Europe can be a great place to hook new users and for the network to continue its evolution upward.

Yesterday TikTok published a video both on TikTok and on Twitter, Brother Cell Phone List where they thanked the creators for their effort and released the figures of the jobs generated by this social network. They also insisted on the security of this social network.

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