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TikTok the most downloaded App February 2021 in the Apple Store

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TikTok the most downloaded App February 2021 in the Apple Store

TikTok continues to be unstoppable and in February 2021 it once again ranks as the most downloaded application in the Apple Store above even Zoom, according to data published by Sensor Tower .

We already saw how at the end of 2021, TikTok appeared as the most downloaded social media application in the world in the Apple Store and Google Play, data that was also confirmed at the end of January 2021 that it continued to be the leader.

This data shows that TikTok is not only a fad but with its 850 million current active users (confirmed by Austria Mobile Database) it continues to grow month by month.

It is true that there is a striking fact that must be taken into account and that is that in Google Play MX Taka Tak appears first (in January there was the fourth), an application developed in India, which according to its website is defined as “a social network inspired by TikTok ” . This data is logical, since in India the use of TikTok is prohibited (like other Chinese platforms and networks), therefore they have collected all the users of this country who used TikTok and suddenly it was banned overnight to the morning. The funny thing is that, although the application is available for IOS, it doesn’t even appear in Apple’s ranking (at least for now)

Another curious fact that is not the competence of TikTok but is striking is that Clubhouse already appears as the seventh most downloaded app in February 2021, in the ranking of the top ten most downloaded applications from the Apple Store. In January 2021 it still did not appear in the ranking. But we will talk about this in the next post because it will surely rise in position in March (it must be remembered that Clubhouse is not yet available for Android) and it also seems that all social networks have joined the clubhouse fashion audio , but it will be another topic😉

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After this section, let’s go back to Brother Cell Phone List and see what happens in Google Trends if we search for the word “TikTok”

We clearly observe that the search trend in Spain since March 2020 has not stopped growing throughout the year, having clear peaks in the months of July, August and December 2020, logically due to holidays and associated with more free time, but due to Ascent continues in February and March 2021.

But let’s see what happens with Reels searches

As we can see in the image, the term Reels in Spain peaks in August, then decreases and remains in the following months with small peaks of rise and fall, but well below TikTok searches.

It is logical to think that since Reels is integrated into Instagram there are fewer user searches, but it is still curious that the interest shown is much lower.

But what happens if we select both platforms in Google Trends in the worldAustria Mobile Database

TikTok presents a graph similar to what happens in Spain, with an upward trend, but stabilized in the last two months and what happens with Reels in the world?

Curiously, in the rest of the world, Reels has an ascending line in recent months, quite different than the behavior in Spain, but lower than the interest in TikTok in absolute numbers.

We will have to wait to see what happens in the coming months as world trends take time to reflect in Spain, it is as if we were a step behind. Perhaps in the future Reels will become more important in our country or we will verify that Reels does not finish convincing users and they prefer to use TikTok.

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Only time will tell us what happens with this battle between social networks, but of course for now without a doubt TikTok continues to show that it is a network with exponential growth that has been in the first positions in little more than two and a half years of existence since its worldwide launch (following Bytedance’s purchase of Musical.ly, its merger with Douyin, and global launch as TikTok)

The panorama of social networks is very busy and of course users no longer have time to diversify between so many platforms, so we will have to choose or use the content that we have already created to share them on other social networks if the audiences we have are different.

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