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Trends in Digital Marketing and Social Networks 2021 IAB

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Trends in Digital Marketing and Social Networks 2021 IAB

One more year IAB has presented the Top Digital Trends Report 2021, where the keys to Digital Marketing, Social Networks … data that must be very attentive to know how the sector is behaving and where it is going are analyzed.Bahamas Mobile Database

The report lists the following trends:

Digital audio
Branded content
Digital out of home, e-commerce
Native advertising
Social media
CTV (connected TV)
Online video

The forecast is that by the end of 2021 1 in 3 smart devices will be a loudspeaker, so it will be very important not only to position yourself in voice searches, but also to take care of the voice of brands both at a commercial and personal brand level. Twitter already has audio tweets and many users are already testing Spaces, audio rooms similar to Clubhouse, but it seems that the rest of social networks are also working on the development of similar systems. Regarding podcasts, the growth that is taking place is pointed out as a trend in the IAB reports in recent years and in this report it affirms the consolidation of podcasts as an advertising medium. “We will assist in the development of 3D Audio, holophonic sound will make
many Brands related to the gaming world, virtual reality … start using it ”
In Digital Out of Home (DOOH), retargeting actions will be carried out, its use being increasingly interesting for contextualized communication and directed at specific targets, personalizing the experience, with large formats and higher quality.
The growth and consolidation experienced by e-commerce Brother Cell Phone List will continue, which has taken an exponential leap driven by the pandemic. Social networks will play a very important role in driving purchases directly from the content itself. Amazon and the main marketplaces will continue to grow and work to improve the customer experience.
The campaigns with influencers and micro-influencers will be increased, both with their own accounts and for the realization of brand spots. The platforms will undoubtedly strengthen these relationships (I will tell you what some platforms are preparing about working with influencers in another post in more detail)
With regard to Social Networks, there is undoubtedly a clear trend that comes with the impulse of “new” social networks due to the effect of the pandemic and confinement, networks that although they are not new have been imposed on the panorama and little by little they are taking ground to other consolidated platforms. It is worth noting the growth of Twitch (owned by Bahamas Mobile Database) and TikTok, the latter has been, according to Sensor Tower, the most downloaded application in 2020 both in Apple Store and Google Play and has started 2021 being also the leader in January Regarding social media app downloads.

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For its part, Twitch is no longer a network exclusively for eSports, opening a great field of action for other topics that are already beginning to emerge.

January undoubtedly leaves us with the arrival of Clubhouse , a platform that already confirms 10 million users and that is growing by leaps and bounds in both Spain and Latin America, despite being only available (for now) for IOS devices and with invitation by another user of the platform.

Three social networks in which the focus must be fixed and must take into account all professionals, entrepreneurs and commercial brands.

I leave you the link to download the complete report Top Trends of IAB where they develop extensively each of the points mentioned above in THIS LINK

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