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Twitter announces closing of Periscope

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Twitter announces closing of Periscope

Today Twitter announces to us on Medium the closure of Periscope , its external application to perform live broadcasts that they launched in March 2015.Cambodia Mobile Database

Five years have been enough for this application, one of the pioneers in making live broadcasts through its platform and at the same time from a social network, to close its doors.Twitter closes Periscope


In his own words, Periscope has suffered a significant decline in the number of users and use of the application in recent years, and the cost of maintaining it has reached a time that has become unsustainable for the company.

If an application is not invested, the users who continue to use it verify that it is not updated, so it does not make sense to keep it to perform live when the features and functionalities of Periscope are already integrated into Twitter and many users use the live ones directly to through our social profile without going through Periscope.

Undoubtedly the events that occurred in 2020, with the Cambodia Mobile Database arrival of the pandemic, delayed the decision to close Periscope this year but, from what they tell us, it was something they already had in mind. And this is logical also thinking that five years ago Periscope was one of the pioneering platforms and now all social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, TikTok … have live or live broadcasts integrated and users already have this functionality internalized Without having to use external platforms, except for tools that allow multiplatform broadcasting, so that we can broadcast through them on several social networks at the same time.

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Periscope will disappear from the app stores in March 2021, so it will no longer be possible to create a new account in the app in the coming months.

The broadcasts that users have shared during these five years on Twitter, will continue as repetitions in your account and we can download a file of our data and videos shared in Periscope before the application is eliminated in March 2021. In THIS LINK you can request the files.

Periscope had a small bug in the way it temporarily stores Brother Cell Phone List data in users’ browsers. If you requested the download of your Periscope data before, your data may have been inadvertently stored in your computer’s browser cache, but they tell us that they have already made the appropriate changes so that this does not happen again, so that you can download all your information without problems.

Time has passed, platforms evolve and Periscope is not the first application to which we say goodbye with sadness, as we already did in its day with Google + and with other social networks that promised a long future, but finally disappeared.

This is the farewell message from the Periscope team, which continues to produce a certain nostalgia for those of us who opened our profiles on this platform 5 years ago.

Periscope disappears

“ Although it’s time to say goodbye, the Periscope legacy will live well beyond the limits of the application itself. The capabilities and spirit of the Periscope team and infrastructure already permeate Twitter, and we are confident that live broadcasts still have the potential to capture an even wider audience within the Twitter platform.
Most importantly, we are so grateful to everyone who invested time and energy in making Periscope the place to show what is happening in their world and create vibrant communities. We’ve learned so much, we’ve shared incredible experiences together, we’ve witnessed unforgettable moments in history, and we’ve seen corners of the world that we could only imagine when we first released Periscope. It was a true honor to pour our heart and soul into building something that other people loved enough to use and build their own communities around them. Thank you.”

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