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Unraveling the marketing gibberish of millennials and centennials

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Unraveling the marketing gibberish of millennials and centennials

The  and centennials, often referred to as absolutely interchangeable with each other by not a few brands are sometimes an apparently unsolvable enigma for brands. Unraveling this enigma (and soon completely abstruse) is precisely the objective of a recent study carried out in Germany by .

In their report, GroupM and  Switzerland Phone Number List  Onefootball put different product categories under the spotlight, from cosmetics to streaming video services to online payment methods. And while Generation Z reports their interest especially and above all in streaming video platforms (72%), Millennials show particular interest in the food and beverage category (63%).

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Conversations are, on the other hand, the particular beacon of millennials (63%) and centennials (68%) when it comes to detecting new products and services. In order of popularity, the  Usa B2B List  conversations (lifelong word of mouth) are followed by user tests and reviews (58% in the case of Millennials and 56% in the case of, websites and online stores (54% and 58% respectively) and search engines (52% and 49%).

Centennials are also particularly ready to use online videos (59%) and social networks (48%) to discover new products and services.

Generation Y used more caution in their purchases in the last year than Generation Z

When it comes to their buying behavior, millennials appear to be more cautious than the immediately preceding generation (at least during the last year marked by the pandemic) While only 38% of young people enrolled in Generation Y bought more on the network of networks in 2020 than during the previous year, the percentage shoots up to 52% in the case of centennials.

It should also be noted that Generation Z (54%) is somewhat more predisposed than Generation Y (51%) to purchase branded products . Centennials (18%) are equally more inclined to be  than millennials (14%).

It should also be noted that Generation Y pays special attention to the functionality of the products (72%) when setting their gaze on them.

From the GroupM and Onefootball report it is also inferred that younger consumers are not as ready as it seems a priori to choose brands based on the they carry. In fact, only 23% of centennials and 24% of millennials say that brands are a way for them to express their personal values ​​and attitudes.

Even so , both Millennials (39%) and Generation Z (44%) attach great importance to the fact that brands dare to sink their teeth into problems that lacerate and directly touch society.

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