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We already have here the Study Social Networks Spain 2020 IAB

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We already have here the Study Social Networks Spain 2020 IAB

As every year, IAB Spain has presented the Annual Study of Social Networks in Spain 2020 prepared by Elogia.Jordan Mobile Database

For this study, 1,142 online surveys were carried out during the month of April 2020, with a profile of Spanish men and women aged 16 to 65, professionals in the Digital Sector.

These are the most important data that this Study throws up:
Who are the users Social networks

As usual, women use social networks to a greater extent with a percentage of 51% compared to 49% of men
The average age is between 25 and 54 years, adding up to 57% of the total users
The highest percentage has university studies (48%)
57% are employed
Generation Z uses more social networks. Networks such as: Spotify, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitch, Tumblr, 21Buttons, HouseParty and Peoople stand out.
Millennials choose Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Telegram
WhatsApp, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Waze and Byte are the most Jordan Mobile Database transversal.
No users

The volume of Internet users who declare intention to register in the next 12 months has increased from 8% in 2018, to 15% in 2019 and 30% in 2020 (those who have not registered with the confinement plan to do so).
40% declare that they will not register on a social network in the next 12 months
Knowledge of Social Networks

Facebook remains the most popular network spontaneously, followed by Instagram and Twitter
Instagram continues to grow year after year, especially among those under 40 years of age.
Spontaneously, users know 3 networks, but the new social networks are not yet recognized.
Curiously, when asked in a suggested way, Facebook and WhatsApp are the
best known networks , followed by Twitter, Youtube and Instagram
The notoriety of TikTok increases considerably, going from 14% in 2019 to 53% in 2020
Most used social networks

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The most valued networks

WhatsApp, YouTube and Spotify are the most Brother Cell Phone List valued networks

Frequency of use of Social Networks

WhatsApp and Instagram are the networks that are used most often, curiously above Facebook, which loses positions.

Users have doubled their time on social media. We went from 55 minutes in 2019 to one hour and twenty minutes today.

Users declare to follow:

96% friends and family
56% influencers
52% brands
41% media
19% political parties
Video on social media

90% of those surveyed claim to view videos on social networks. Favorite topics:


The mobile phone continues to be the main device to connect to Networks, its penetration reaches 97%
25% connect to social networks through Smart TV
Professional use of Social Networks

The main use that professionals make with Social Networks is to sell, followed by
responding to customer questions, generating branding, customer service, capturing leads, and notoriety.

Users Social Networks 2020

The social networks where brands invest the most for their advertising campaigns:

The use of social networks increases considerably and also the time invested (logically the confinement has affected these figures)
The networks where more time is spent is on WhatsApp, Twitch, Youtube, Spotify and HouseParty
TikTok increases all its metrics by 3 or 4 compared to 2019. It is a network that stands out among those under 40 years of age and among the female profile. Before it was perceived as youthful and musical, but it has totally changed its perception.
A very high percentage of users follow friends, family, influencers and brands.
Tutorials are the videos that arouse the most interest among users (many variations per target), although 65% prefer lasting content rather than ephemeral.
The new trend in eSports 54% declare that they play online video games (they are gamers), this result rises to 60% in the case of men.
I leave you the Study carried out by IAB in case you want to consult more data

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Annual Study on Social Networks 2020 IAB from Fátima Martinez López
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