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What is Clubhouse and how does it work

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What is Clubhouse and how does it work

That there was no more space for new social networks? Well, here comes ClubHouse the exclusive social network that is becoming fashionable among the most select professionals.Bolivia Mobile Database

But, what is it about.

ClubHouse is a mobile application created by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth, designed as a kind of social network for a select club of professionals, in which you can only enter through its application for IOS and by invitation, at least for now. This application is not new, we had the first news in April 2020 when it only had 15,000 first-level users but it was already succeeding in Silicon Valley

At this moment CloubHouse already has 600,000 users.

How to get Clubhouse invitations
Step by step to create a Clubhouse account and how to access


In an interview that Curly Commas conducted with me in 2015, when I was forecasting what the future of social networks would be, I anticipated that without a doubt we were going to tend towards social networks that were increasingly segmented by themes and precisely what ClubHouse offers us is that : content segmentation.

Clubhouse is an audio chat social network, with a series of independent audio rooms, where you can enter to listen to what the speakers or speakers are saying (each room has its own moderators) and you can also request to enter to give your opinion or intervene in the conversation.

Imagine a live podcast where you can listen to one or more speakers where you can ask questions and share your contributions.

When you enter a room you will be muted and you can just listen. If you raise Bolivia Mobile Database your hand by pressing the hand icon, which appears on the right side of the screen. the moderator will decide if he or she gives you the opportunity to intervene in the conversation.

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How does it work

If you have an IOS device you can download the App and reserve your username. If you have an invitation, you will be able to access immediately, but if you do not have an invitation, don’t worry because you will enter a waiting list and the contacts that you have in your agenda and are within the Clubhouse will receive a notification and from there they will be able to invite you.

Once you receive the invitation:

ClubHouse downloads for IOS only.
Upon entering you are welcomed and you have to include your mobile number
You will then receive a code by SMS.
Then it appears to you who is the person who has invited you, who will always appear on your profile.
Below you include your name and your first surname
Your username and your profile picture
You can give permission to link your contacts, on the next screen appear the people who match your contacts
You select your interests from several categories
They then show you a list of influencers so you can start creating a network. By default many of them appear selected, but you can delete them and include the people from the list that you want to follow.
Activate or not the notifications
It will directly show you the rooms that are currently active headed by the topic of conversation, the moderators and the people who are in the room.
how clubhouse works

How is the application inside

At the top of the screen you will find:

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Magnifying glass: To search for topics and contacts
Messages: where you will have invitations available to send to your friends (when you start you will only have two invitations)
Calendar: Where they show you the schedules of the topics that may interest you
Campaign: Activity People who follow you or also notify you of your contacts who have just joined in case you want to connect (as long as you have connected your contacts).
Your profile picture . When you press it you will enter your profile where Brother Cell Phone List it will show you your followers and followed and just by pressing the screen you can edit all your data. The person who invited you appears at the bottom.
Clubhouse Invitations

How the rooms work

When you enter a room you are at the top with the profile photos of all the people who are intervening in the conversation and at the bottom the people who are listening.
To request your active participation, you have an icon of a hand at the bottom and it is the moderators who will decide to give you way or not.
If they give you step you can activate your microphone to speak. When other people are speaking you can and should mute your microphone.
Entering these rooms is very, very entertaining and enriching. You meet a lot of interesting people and if it is moderated well it can be a fantastic vehicle for dealing with very specific and segmented topics for different audiences.
By clicking on the profile photos of the people in a room, you will be able to see who that user is and what they do, so it is very important that you personalize your profile as soon as possible and explain who you are. Unlike other networks you can extend long and hard to explain everything you want in your bio. In addition, SEO

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