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What is Twitter Spaces and how does it work

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What is Twitter Spaces and how does it work

We have finally been able to test the beta of Twitter Spaces since last week, a new Twitter functionality that allows users to create rooms similar to Clubhouse.Bahrain Mobile Database

At the moment, being in beta, it obviously lacks many functionalities that users miss, but we are sure that they will be implementing them very soon and finally we will have a new place for communication and knowledge exchange within Twitter.

At the moment it is only available for a small group of users and with IOS devices.

But what is Twitter Spaces like?

Little by little over the last week several users have been receiving an invitation from Twitter to try Spaces.

The first time we were able to enter thanks to the link they sent us, but we can access it in two ways:

1.- Pressing the create message icon, where we find this new functionality

2.- Through the fleets or Twitter stories, sliding the screen sideways to the end where we find “Room”

Once you have clicked, you can decide who can speak in the room:

People you follow
Only the people you invite to speak

The microphone is deactivated by default Bahrain Mobile Database so be careful because you will have to open it to start talking.
From here, click on Start the Room.
At the moment the Rooms cannot be titled, by default “User X Room” is shown in such a way that users who see an active room do not know what is being talked about, only who has started it, but thanks to the news that Eva Añón has shared on her profile after the Team Twitter space that they held yesterday. (I reproduce below all the news that will arrive soon and Eva has shared).

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The roles are divided into three:

Host : the person who opened the room
Hablante: la personas o personas que el anfitrión invita a participar activamente. Puede haber hasta 10 personas con micro.
Oyentes: las personas que están escuchando a los speakers. Cualquier oyente puede solicitar participar y será el anfitrión que decida si les da o no paso.
A diferencia de Clubhouse en Twitter Spaces no hay micros visibles en los perfiles. Simplemente se muestran una rayas verdes bajo el avatar de la persona que está hablando, algo que induce un poco a la confusión del Anfitrión, de los hablantes que a veces se atropellan al hablar y de los oyentes que hay veces que no perciben esas rayitas verdes y no saben quién está hablando.

If you click on the avatar of any person in the room you will  see Brother Cell Phone List a small summary of their profile, but you will have to click again to see their full bio, something that is a bit confusing if you are as a speaker.

Once the conversation begins, the topics flow and it is very participatory, I think that the novelty has also made us all participate actively, because at least in the first rooms that I opened with the contribution of all the attendees, we were able to analyze each icon, each functionality and Little by little we were learning together how it worked and what we missed to be able to transmit it to Twitter, since that is what they asked us to be able to improve the functionality.


What is Twitter Spaces
What is Twitter Spaces and how does it work

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What will you find if you open a room

At the bottom left is the micro
Below you will see three points where it is:
Adjust settings
Share comments
See rules (these are Twitter rules, but will be the room rules later)
View transcripts (currently only in English)
denounce the room
Then we find an icon that allows us to invite people from our network to the room
The next icon is to be able to put reaction emojis on your avatar. You can also send emojis to other speakers as long as you are connected and following each other.
Finally you will find the icon to share the room. It is highly recommended to share it on Twitter so that we can inform everyone by now putting a title so that the community knows what will be discussed in the room
There is a feature that I really like and that is that you can share tweets at the top of the room, something very useful if we want to share some information of interest in tweets with links. Tweets must already be published. To share them, you just have to be a Host or Speaker and go to the tweet that we want to share, press the icon and select the Room …

The reflection that we made in the rooms among all the attendees is that when Twitter Spaces has all the functionalities it is very possible that we “go home” to create rooms with current affairs or important news. Personally, I believe that we will also use Clubhouse because we have connected with people that we did not have in other communities and the topics of these rooms will be more educational and sharing knowledge, although the Clubhouse developers want them to be to comment on current news, something I think is much more suitable for Twitter Spaces since it has been connected to television for a long time and we are used to sharing and commenting on breaking news.

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In Clubhouse at the moment at least little is said about politics, thank God (there are some rooms

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