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Why David Ogilvy Is Still More Right Than A Saint 70 Years Later

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Why David Ogilvy Is Still More Right Than A Saint 70 Years Later


“The client is not stupid, is your wife . ” This famous phrase by David Ogilvy already carries 70 years on his shoulders, but he has not lost an iota of topicality. Seven decades ago, the father of modern advertising, who is the eyes of many, warned his colleagues that they would do well not to fool a consumer who smells the lies to the league and who does not tolerate advertisements that bore him.

In the 20s of the 21st century, advertising is needed as much as in the 50s of the last century to  Latvia Phone Number List  fascinate and stir the insides of the consumer.

But we are no longer living in the era of Ogilvy or Bernbach, we are immersed in the era of technology and data. And if Ogilvy viewed creativity in any way as a gesture of courtesy towards the consumer, modern advertisers must relate that gesture of courtesy to the proper management and protection of customer personal data.

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Something similar has done Apple when deciding to stop the voracious collection of consumer personal data in the iOS operating system , which has Latvia Phone Number Database  resulted, on the other hand, in a high-sounding conflict with Facebook (which lives, after all, of the data that the apple company intends to cut).

Responsibility, a “must” to which many brands continue to slip away
Brands would do well to look in Apple’s mirror and assume once and for all their social responsibility that falls to them , a social responsibility that cannot take the form of an advertising boycott (more or less isolated and temporary in nature) of Facebook. In the exercise of their social responsibility, brands must go much further, argues Thomas Strerath in an article for Horizont .

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It is not enough for brands to limit themselves to respecting the law and sneaking away from what is forbidden and that’s it because not everything that is soon allowed is the right thing to do.

However, for many advertisers their social responsibility is limited to abiding by the law . For this reason, the imminent death of “cookies” is seen by many brands as an obstacle, in the same way that the emergence of “ad blockers” was also an obstacle five years ago.

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