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Wieden + Kennedy and Nike: the story of a “marriage” out of bounds

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Wieden + Kennedy and Nike: the story of a “marriage” out of bounds

With  , the acclaimed campaign starring Colin Kaepernick, Nike hit the table hard , put bravery on the table and took risks that many other brands would never have dared to take. The look full of willpower, conviction and melancholy that Kaepernick wears in “Dream Crazy” was strongly attached to the souls of not a few Americans back in 2018. Kaepernick’s name Cameroon Phone Number List didn’t actually appear in this campaign, though it didn’t have to . Few do not know overseas a player who in his small  homeland has been the subject of both fiery flattery and steely criticism from his compatriots.
In September 2016, the American football player knelt instead of standing when the American anthem sounded in the stadiums with the ultimate goal of denouncing the prevailing racism in the United States. His gesture was applauded by some and criticized by many others , including Donald Cameroon Phone Number List Trump himself, who gave a public reprimand (flushing with anger) against Kaepernick. With “Dream Crazy” Nike Usa B2B List  celebrated the 30th anniversary of its  Believe in something. Even if it means that you have to sacrifice everything ”was the forceful and inspiring phrase that appeared in that campaign, which was soon leveraged with unusual force in popular culture.

Cameroon Phone Number ListIf you do not see the embedded video correctly, click Although the shadow of the boycott initially loomed over the campaign (some Americans publicly burned Nike’s shoes), the famous American sporting goods manufacturer  Nike stocks on the stock markets , which had a severe prolapse after the launch of “Dream Crazy”, ended up going uphill and the company managed to give a strong acceleration to its revenues and profits. The bravery shown by Nike in “Dream Crazy” ended up being extraordinarily profitable for the brand A campaign as bold as “Dream Crazy” would not have been possible, in any case, if Nike had not had an agency perfectly aligned with its own values. We refer to Wieden + Kennedy, which has been Nike’s inseparable travel companion almost since its inception . Ever since Dan Wieden saw fit to get the “Just do it” claim out of his hat, Nike and Wieden + Kennedy have walked hand in hand and managed to climb to the top of creativity on a global level. And although the relationship between Nike and Wieden + Kennedy already has 39 years on its shoulders, the truth is that their “marriage” does not show any signs of wear . It does not do so because both the brand and the agency have always been faithful to their courage when it comes to sinking their teeth into a social issue with the ultimate goal of reinventing advertising. “There is no finish line” is a motto that is repeated a thousand times in Nike advertising. And his marriage to Nike seems to be governed by this maxim as well. There are no limits in the relationship between Nike and Wieden + Kennedy, anything is possible and advertising dares to permanently defy the rules. Back in 1995, in the “If you let me play” campaign, Nike dared to spotlight female athletes (whose voice was still extraordinarily silent at that time).

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