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Women already use Gaming Apps more than men

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Women already use Gaming Apps more than men

AdColony (company specializing in mobile advertising), presents us with a report and an infographic where they analyze the data provided by Global Web Index and discover surprising data such as that in Spain women use game apps more than men and the best thing is that the age of highest incidence is from 45 years.Iran Mobile Database

women play video games more

The pandemic and confinement have triggered the use of social networks, but also of game apps that now become a base for the creation of new communities in the digital environment. At this time, gaming apps occupy the third digital place where users socialize.

In addition, the arrival of 5G will give a new impetus to mobile Iran Mobile Database entertainment since the gaming experience from the mobile will be very similar to that of a PC or a console.

Mobile gaming apps data

But let’s see the profile of these entertainment mobile gamers:

59.4% of Spanish adults play from their mobile devices.
The 50.4% of mobile entertainment gamers are women and 49.6% men.
The distribution of the players by age is as follows: over 45 years (35%) , 35-44 (29.1%), 25-34 (20.8%) and 16-24 (15.1%).
Gamers’ game preferences follow the following order: Action-Adventure (50.3%),
Puzzle (44.8%), Sports (40%), Racing (35.7%), Simulation (35.7%) ), Strategy (30.1%),
Role Playing (29.7%) and Cards (23.5%)
The main online activities that players have carried out in the last month are: visit and use of social networks, visit and use of search engines, use of chat or another instant messaging service or app, viewing video clips or visits to platforms to share video and visit websites with e-commerce or online platforms such as Amazon or AliExpress.
The favorite interests of Spanish players are: Movies / Cinema (82.2%), Music (74.2%), Travel (71.3%), Food and Beverages (63.9%) and Health (62.6 %).
The activities carried out with the second screen while watching TV are, in this order, use of social networks (73.2%), chat or write messages to friends (69.5%), read emails (65%), play (54.8%), look for products to buy (46.6%), read news (46.1%), look for information related to what they are watching (42.4%), share an opinion about a TV program (17.7%) and interact with the online content of a TV program (16.9%).
Spanish mobile entertainment players spend more than 2.5 hours a day Brother Cell Phone List using mobile phones.
Mobile gamers who play from their computer are 2% more likely than other people to spend more time on their PC. And those who spend time on a streaming platform (OTT) are 6% more likely than other people to spend time on those platforms.

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