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yearbook of Spanish creativity And as in all design, color has been an

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yearbook of Spanish creativity And as in all design, color has been an

important element in the creation of this XXI edition of the Yearbook of Spanish Creativity. The designers have used the black and white tone on all the pages that were not intended to show campaigns in order to easily distinguish those that contain award-winning projects from those that do not.

In this way, the design tries to complement the images and the text so that it is perceived as less static and thus makes it easier to read . DuranaDurana have worked on a visually attractive and simple structure with the cell phone number database for sale aim of creating a modern graphic piece with personality. “We have tried to create an object book. With an attractive color that made a nod to the concept itself , well structured and in which the awards were easily recognizable thanks to the layout and the background color ”, say the designers.

Contents of the XXI Yearbook of Spanish Creativity
And once the design is understood, it should be noted that the XXI Yearbook of Spanish Creativity includes 131 different projects, distributed among the three sections of the contest: Ideas, Craft and Innovation. Some of these projects have been awarded more than once in different categories, so the total number of projects selected for the yearbook would add up to 279.

The total number of companies was 68 and the advertisers 103 . While the jury for this edition had 28 professionals and was chaired by Mónica Moro, McCann’s creative general director. A jury that has awarded a total of 14 golds, 27 silvers and 34 bronzes , in addition to the Grand Prize of the contest, which has been awarded to the OriolVillar agency campaign, « Mediterráneamente «.

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Mediterranean campaign 452 pages make up the yearbook and among them USA Phone Number Database you can find the best communication pieces of 2019 made and disseminated in Spain . The distribution has already begun among the partners and can be purchased on the c de c website and in specialized and authorized bookstores.

The digital transformation of the external environment comes from the hand of JCDecaux Despite the hard times that outdoor advertising had to face during confinement, the digitization of this medium and the use of data opens a path full of great opportunities.

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