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You can now use Google Meet, free video calls up to 100 people

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You can now use Google Meet, free video calls up to 100 people

A few days ago I already warned you that Google was going to open its Google Meet platform for free to all users , with which we can make video calls of up to 100 people and 16 on the screen. Until now, Google Meet was only included in G Suite and G Suite for Educational Centers, but we can now use it freely.Lithuania Mobile Database

Google Meet is a really friendly solution, easy to use and that maintains a high quality Lithuania Mobile Database of broadcasts.

These are the steps to follow to use Google Meet:

You can start a video call yourself or join another directly from Gmail.

Google Meet free video calls

Before starting your first video call
When you enter Google Meet from your computer, you will have to give e permission to use the computer’s camera and microphone.
Start a video call
Open your Gmail account .
At the bottom you will find Meet.
Click on “Start a meeting” and it will open in a new window.
If you do it through your mobile, New Meeting will appear
Before starting the meeting:
At the bottom, you can turn the camera and microphone on or off.
On the right, you will find the meeting code and details.
To join the call, tap Join now. Your image will appear on mobile if you have activated the camera.
You will then see a window with the details of the meeting. Choose an option to add other people:
To share the meeting code, click Copy Login and share the meeting code and link. On your mobile you can click on Share and send the code through WhatsApp, Email, Telegram, social networks or Call and enter the phone number.
To invite people by email, click Add people . Enter names or email addresses, then click Brother Cell Phone List Send invitation .
When the meeting ends, tap End call .
Join a video call
Open your Gmail account .
Click on “Join a meeting.”
Enter the 10-letter meeting code provided by the host.
If you have received an email, simply press it and you will enter the system.
Click Join .
Before joining the meeting, you can turn the camera and microphone on or off and choose the mic you want to use.
To join the call, click Join Now .
When the meeting ends, tap End call.
You can also join a meeting from a Calendar event or from the Google Meet mobile app.

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Once inside you will have multiple options, such as screen sharing to show documents, you can also choose how you want the screen to be displayed (by people, full screen…) and you will also have access to the Chat.

In the Meet Mobile App, by pressing the three upper points you can

Change camera
Enable subtitles
Present screen
Adjust for low light
Report a problem
Report inappropriate use
Guest users will appear on the screen. By clicking on their names you can enlarge their image on the screen. You can select if you want the microphone of the Iphone or Speaker and raise or lower the volume.

The duration of the video call in principle has no limit. This morning we had a meeting lasting more than two hours and the connection has not been interrupted for a single second.

Undoubtedly Meet is a fantastic tool not only for giving classes or large meetings, as it has been used until now, but for any group video call that we want to make for all types of companies and users.

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